Kural Vlogs

Episode 2: MusiCarnival 2023

MusiCarnival 2023, organised by Sukrtam Foundation, happened on Aug 5th and 6th at Youth Hostel, Indira Nagar. As always, it was a gala event with lots of fun, food and learning. This year, there were two unique programs, Tōlpāvai Kūttu̱ and Villu̱ppāṭṭu̱. Watch  the video to experience the Carnival vibes!

Episode 1: Svanubhava 2023

A glimpse of Svanubhava 2023 at Anaikatti through the of eyes of students who participated and volunteered! They speak of what it was like to host the festival at Vidya Vanam, their favourite programmes and the festivities over the two days! In the voice of Arivu, Gajashree, Marcus, Shalini and Parameshwari - students of Vidya Vanam and art! 

Video editing by Vignesh Ishwar and Varisha Narayanan