About us

Kural was started in April 2023 as a monthly e-magazine created by passionate students of Carnatic music. Kural, in Tamiẕ music, corresponds to the Ādhāra Ṣaḍja, or the tonic Sa, while in general Tamiẕ usage, it means voice. 

The aim of Kural is to bring together a thinking community of musicians, whose voices will contribute to understanding and learning more about South Indian Classical Music and spreading it to a wider audience.

Towards this end, we formed THE KURAL TRUST in March 2024, with the objective to promote and support fine arts and artistes.

The creators of Kural are eternally inspired by their Guru, Sangita Kalanidhi Dr. S. Sowmya, and many veterans and senior musicians who have constantly guided and inspired us throughout our journey. We look forward to their continued guidance and blessings.


From the editors of Kural...

Kural is a voluntary labour of love. We thank our friends for contributing to this effort through their articles, photographs, artwork, and games, and look forward to their continued support. Find our list of contributors here.

We also welcome your contributions and ideas. Write to us here.

PREETI SETHURAMAN - Creator & Editor

A full time Carnatic Vocalist (AIR B-High Grade artist), currently pursuing Ph.D. in Indian Music. Has been giving solo concerts and vocals for Bharatanatyam recitals for a decade

V. SUBASHRI - Creator & Editor

A student and performer of Carnatic music, and a B-High grade artiste of AIR, who is also pursuing PhD in theoretical physics from The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai.

BHAVYA HARI - Creator & Editor

Daughter of veteran vocalist late Smt T.V.Sundaravalli. An 'A' grade carnatic vocalist also specialised in Thiruppugazh and other tamil hymns of bhakti literature. 


A student of Carnatic Music, a B Grade artiste of AIR, and a Materials Science research Scholar at IIT Madras.


A Veenai artiste, Veena is a B - Grade Artiste of AIR, and has been performing for the last 15+ years. Veena is also an avid traveller and a bookworm.