Interviews with veterans of the field, highlighting their experiences, and their message to music students.

An in-depth exploration of a specific musical concept by a musician.

 Addressing the social issues that are commonly faced in the field of performing arts.

 The magazine’s Series which emphasises on musical values and references in known and unknown tales.

Concert review from a student’s diary to encourage attending concerts in person and with an open mind.

Analyzes musical aspects in the renditions of old masters.

A glimpse into the musical works by young research scholars in the form of a book review.

Musical concepts illustrated by tiny tots.

Explanation of commonly occurring words in musical literature, including synonyms, and equivalent words in other Indian languages.

An exclusive games section conceptualised to emphasise the fact that music learning is fun.

General articles connecting musical Sthala-s and legends. 

An initiative to trace musical lineages.